Friday, November 22, 2013

A Thousand Words

We have been the recipients of generosity untold over the past 18 months.  One of the greatest gifts we've been given - besides the almost 15 months we had with Quinn - was her lasting image.  While iPhones and Instagram work wonders, nothing takes the place of a professional photographer and we were lucky enough to be offered the time and talents of a veritable consortium of them, some individuals and a group gathered at the behest of one primo lady - Heather of Forever Fireflies.

Heather and I were on the periphery of multiple groups but had not actually met before last Fall, when she contacted me to offer a shoot of Quinn and the boys.  The day of the shoot, she broke the news that it was not just that shoot, and not just her photography business - it was a host of shoots set up for Quinn to document her life and capture her image for as long as she was with us.  Shira of Shira Z Photography. Jen of Lightful Photography.  Angela of Angela Marshall Photography.  Lori of AvaJack Photography.  Nicole of Nicole Renee Photography.

And one of my best friends from high school who does photography on the side (and painting, murals, drawing, cake design... oh yeah, and working and raising three kids - you know, a real lazy lady) did two shoots with Quinn - what actually wound up being her first post-diagnosis, and her last just a week and a half before we lost her.  Jen of A Mother's Touch Photography.

So, without further adieu, a deluge of Quinn photos (which is a mere sampling of what we were actually presented), and a looooooooong overdue public THANK YOU to each of these incredible ladies. There is nothing that I can say that will ever relay to you what you have done for us.   So I will have to leave it to a very trite thank you.

September 2012, A Mother's Touch Photography

October 2012, Forever Fireflies

November 2012, Angela Marshall Photography (Quinn's Blessing)

November 2012, Shira Z Photography

December 2012, Lightful Photography

January 2013, Angela Marshall Photography (Quinn's Benefit)

this is the trifecta... this photo was by Angela of Angela Marshall,
of a drawing by Jen from A Mother's Touch,
of a photo taken by Shira of Shira Z

February 2013, Forever Fireflies

May 2013, Nicole Renee Photography (Quinn's Birthday Party)

May 2013, Forever Fireflies

June 2013, AvaJack Photography

July 2013, A Mother's Touch Photography