Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Tree Grows in Lynbrook

Two beautiful trees graced our backyard until last Fall.  The first was unfortunately diseased and Brett & co cut it down - thankfully prior to Sandy (it was pretty small but it would have done some damage to the house if it had come down in the winds).  We lost half of the other tree in the Nor'easter that followed just a week after Sandy.  What a fun time it was to live on the south shore of Long Island...

our sad little dirt patch

The little tree shaded our (little) deck, so we definitely wanted to replace it, and the idea of planting a tree as a family really appealed to us on a number of levels.  As with everything we seem to do lately, it took on a much more significant meaning than just a fun weekend activity.

So we began researching trees.  Asking those around us with the proverbial green thumb. Observing trees on our street, in the park, and on the parkway.

And the one thing that became clear was that we had some pretty specific requirements.  

In addition to being viable in zone 7 (apparently our zone - thank you Google for that information!), the tree needed to be:

And most importantly, flower in mid-May

See, it's the last request that had people puzzling at us.  The man at the nursery finally said, "uh is there a special reason you need it to bloom in May?"

One Quinn Madeleine Linzer was born on May 16, 2012.  And this tree that we were to plant as a family of five, that is to live in our backyard for many years to come, should come to life and bloom as beautifully as she did during the month of May.

So, YUP!  There is the most special of reasons for it to flower in mid-May.

reasons don't come more special than this!

And without knowing the circumstances, this man led us to the
perfect tree.  The Eastern Redbud.

It's fairly unique (most of the flowering trees in our area are some type of cherry blossom or dogwood).

It's really beautiful - the color (a pink that is almost purple - Quinn's color :) ), the shape, and the way the blossoms hang on the tree as though they're on a wire.

what they look like now
what they will look like eventually
It's well-timed - it is May 7th and the buds are getting a bit bigger and stronger, but it has not blossomed yet.  At this point we seem perfectly on target for a mid-May bloom.

And - this was the kicker - the leaves.  After the tree blooms, and the petals have all fallen to the ground, it was the leaves that truly assured us we had our tree.  Every leaf, per the man who knew nothing of why we wanted this tree, will be in the shape of a perfect heart.

(photo credit: extension.iastate.edu)

We bought the tree and planted it, as a family, on Sunday.  Looking forward to many blooms - and leaves - over the coming years.

the Linzer men, prepping the site
showing off her teeth
smiling because she doesn't have to do the grunt work
Daddy finishing the job
view of the tree from inside the kitchen


  1. i love that tree!!! what a beautiful, special tree for your sweet girl. I giggled on the photo of her smiling while you all dug a big hole-hehe;) she is so precious and I love this amazing idea. the boys will always treasure this too. we love you guys. Chelsea

  2. What a great idea! That tree is just beautiful (just like your fam!)

  3. I love this post!!! What a beautiful family and what a lovely tree. Just the perfect thing to plant. I know you will enjoy it for years to come.

    Nanci Glassman

  4. How absolutely perfect! One of my favorite confirmations that Spring finally here has been seeing the dogwoods and redbuds in bloom. I just noticed the first redbuds in full bloom YESTERDAY! Now I will always think of sweet Quinn when I see a redbud tree! Perfect!

  5. Mrs. Linzer, you have an amazing family and I follow your posts and pray for your fam and specially little Quinn. If the word "Mother" had a picture in the dictionary, it would be of your face. Heck!If the word "Family" had a picture, it would be of your entire family. I commend you, your husband,your boys, your entire family for all the wonderful memories you create everyday for years to come. You have created so many memories in just almost one year that most of us don't bother to create in the 18 years we have with our little ones because we let so much come before what is actually important. I've never met you and yet you teach me so much everytime I read your posts. I pray for a miricle for little Quinn, because no matter what "medicine" says, I believe in miracles and I hope that God has one saved up for little Quinn. God bless you all and continue this wonderful journey. I pray for many years of memories with your little ones. :)

  6. You are an amazing amazing amazing woman. I would have crawled into a hole and died if I had ever received the news you have received about your precious daughter. Instead of making it about you, and what you will lose, you have made it about her, and all of the the things that you want her to see and hear and feel and expierence in her life time. I read the article on people.com and though it was a very touching story and have followed you ever since. Thank you for keeping is updated on Quinn and sharing your family with us.

  7. Love you guyssss and praying for you

  8. I was following your blog after I read on internet about Quinn. And this story just example for my life guys you are great family and I always praying for you. I love Quinn so muchhhhhh.she is such a beautiful girl and she has sunny light smile. I am married have I girl just like Quinn. We are from eskisehir-turkey but I am christian and we have church here and in baku-azerbaijan. I talked about you guys to our both churches they are also praying for all of youu specially for Quinn. I just fall in love to her. Please please I want to sent to her gifts want to sent gifts specially from turkey. My email adress is esmira@azlearn.org please write me back. And May the lord keep you so happy all of you and take the beautiful Quinn's sickness. Amin.love you Quinn. Love you Linzer family.

  9. perfect tree for the perfect lil' lola. :) xoxo

  10. What a beautiful reminder of your beautiful girl for years and years! :) So precious!

  11. Beautiful idea!! Your sons are so adorable with their little shovels. Quinn is so sweet - her smile melts my heart. I'm so glad you found the perfect tree. What a wonderful thing to do as a family. So special. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Beautiful! Just beautiful, the tree and your little girl. Her smile is amazing.

  13. Love, love, love this!!! Such a special idea and how perfect a tree it is - just like sweet Quinn.

  14. I like everything about this post!

  15. That tree is beautiful and you look just so happy and full of joy! And that is what this project was about right? Making happy and wonderful memories!!! Keep it up! You guys are doing great!

  16. DearQuinn we love yu so much Happy Happy Birthday. From Turkey-Eskisehir.

  17. I forgot to write but can you reply me we bought presents for her need to send them. My email adress is esmira@azlearn.org this is my email. I will be thankfull if you reply. Our Quinny we love you and always praying for you. You are such a beautifull princess. If you want some special things from Turkey please let us know. We will wnd it. Bless you all.