Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frick y Frack

Today is Trek Day!  

On April 11, 2011 Trek Atlas Ingram was born in his driveway to Chelsea and Jarrett, and big brothers Peyton and Conner.  An incredible baby that led his family to take a most amazing journey, Trek passed away from Niemann-Pick Type A in Thailand on June 21, 2012.  Today would have been his second birthday.

beautiful Trek on his first birthday
(photo from Our Sonny

In honor of his birthday, Trek's mama Chelsea asked her friends and supporters to do something to celebrate their children today.  

The boys were informed of Trek Day yesterday.  Colin - ever inquisitive - did ask what it was.  I told him that Trek was an amazingly special little boy who is no longer with us, and we are to celebrate his life on Trek Day.  That (thankfully!) was enough of a response.  

Today, they each had an oreo with breakfast.  I picked them up about 45 minutes early from school so we could go get frozen yogurt.  Then they had their choice of dinner (is there really ever a choice when you're 3 and 5?  I think not; McDonald's it was).  We came home to eat, had an early bath and then did Mommy Night Movie Night (The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue was on order tonight).  And finally we ended the day with an extra story - "because it's a special day, right mommy?".

fro-yo after school.  good thing this 'celebrating' isn't all the time -
their choices of celebrating adds an automatic 10lbs on mommy!

We had so much fun - they each even said "Happy Trek Day!" when they were going to sleep <3

Then I got to realizing that in trying to protect their privacy - whatever it may be at this age - I haven't really celebrated them much on the blog.  

I haven't discussed Colin's incredible individualistic attitude - how he does what he likes and doesn't seem to have a care in the world what "everyone else is doing". (I sooooo hope it stays this way!!) I haven't talked much about Reid's ridiculous comedic timing, apparent from the time he was speaking in full sentences at 18 months.

this would definitely qualify as "individual", I think

the best description of Reid I've heard is
"the kid who will burn your house down,
but smile at you while he's doing it"

Not really a word about the adoration they have for one another, for our family, or for their little sister.  About how unbelievably selfless they are when it comes to Quinn.  Quinn's special needs.  Quinn's bajillion presents that show up at our house.  Quinn taking mommy and daddy away on an all-too-often basis.

They simply accept it as it is and celebrate her as much as we do.  Colin all but accosted some of the neighbor kids to tell them that his sister was eating food.  REAL food.  (They were suitably unimpressed.)

I've mentioned only in passing how their inane questions, their ridiculous (age-appropriate) tantrums, their knack for knowing just quite what we don't have time for - and then doing that very thing.  How all of that is really the only reason we're still standing.  The only reason we're not in that ditch we (I?) ever so often fantasize about, the corner of that couch in fetal position. 

They make navigating these circumstances infinitely harder. 

Surviving these circumstances would be entirely impossible without them.

They are best friends with each other, and best friends with us.  Colin is the Original Big Brother - he watches out for Reid and Quinn in the sweet way only a five year old can.  He 'explains' the world to Reid, and makes sure no small toys enter Quinn's universe for fear of choking.  Reid has taken his dual role as Big and Little brother very seriously.  He is the kid who bursts into tears as he enters the kitchen as I'm taking Quinn out of the bath because he just spent the past 10 minutes (while she was in the bath) gathering up all of his Umi Zoomi bath toys so Quinny can play with them.  

seen in the monitor while in the kitchen making lunch.
yeah - that's Reid.  IN her crib haha

I worry about them in every way every mother does.  How will they fare when they get to 'real' school? Are the other kids nice to them?  Will he be able to keep up with the other kids in math/reading/tee ball?

And I worry about them in all the ways no mother should.  How will they fare when Quinn is nearing the end at home?  Is someone else going to accidentally say something to tip them off to our future?  Will they be able to ever get over this?

Will they remember her?

But today was not a day for worry, it was a day for love.  And love we did.  Lots of hugs and kisses (and lots of tackles for group hugs and kisses :) ).

Thank you Ingrams - once again you have helped us remember to step back and Embrace Life.

Happy Trek Day!

that's Colin under there
(excuse me, Super-Spider-Colin)

just another Target trip


  1. You have heard it before, many times, but you are going to hear it again. You are an AMAZING, Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend, Cousin. Where would Brett, Colin, Reid, Quinny and the WORLD be without a superwomen like you. I know incredibly hard, painful and heart wrenching this all is, and still you forge ahead and do what you have to love, live......and just continue to LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    I so admire you Eileen. You are my IDLE.

  2. I smiled and giggled many times during this post. The photo of Reid in the crib was hilarious and soo precious, what a wonderful big/little brother. I know and understand how they are the reason you keep on. A friend asked me that exact question-how come I am not in a ditch. Because of Peyton and Conner. Reid and Colin are precious. I have never seen a man look manlier in a princess dress-EVER! it takes mad skill to pull that off. Thank you for celebrating your children and Trek with us today. It means so very, very much. You are a dear friend and I am so thankful for your family who gives so much when you have so much going on in your own world. we love you. love ,Chelsea

  3. That is just the sweetest thing!! I wish that I had big brothers like them! Lots of love to all, xxx

  4. Oh Eileen - what a beautiful, wonderful, delightful post. Thank you sooooo much for letting us get to know Colin and Reid a little better. It is so easy to see from these pictures how much love there is in your family. I'll let you in on a little secret and I'll bet I'm not the only one who feels this way - I am as much in love with Reid and Colin as I am with Quinn and have been since the first time I "met" them. :) And I must admit I am quite partial to the Target picture. My daughters are just a little under 18 months apart and I remember seeing that exact same sight countless times except with little pink and purple Weeboks! Mountains of love to all of you! xoxoxo

  5. I loved this post!! God bless all of your children!!

  6. Your strength is amazing. You have a beautiful family and are providing your children with such incredible love and life experiences. God bless your little angels.

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  8. I struggle every day to see each child for their own personhood...without the challenges you know. You have a wonderful family, Linzers...and it looks like you are doing an AMAZING job. Hats off to you are great. Sweet posts, sweet thoughts...keep up the good work!!