Saturday, February 2, 2013

What is a WhatNot?

"I want MOMMY to get me dressed!"

This is how our day began. Reid, simply being three, screaming and throwing a fit because Brett had the gall to put on Reid's shirt. 

Can you even believe he would do such a thing as to get his son dressed?!

This was more concerning than normal because Brett was getting Reid dressed to head to what one can only assume is the Tantrum Capital of the World.  FAO Schwarz.

The drive in was marginally better.  Then we walked into the world's greatest toy store and in spite of our ominous morning, we began the most Fun.Day.EVER.

Our adventures began on the 2nd floor - the Lionel train, the Lego section and most importantly (to the members of our family who have actually seen Big) the Big Piano.
Lego Toy Soldier in the Lego section

Colin & the Stormtrooper, made entirely of Legos

the Big piano
Colin gettin' down on the Big piano
Reid getting the hang of it

Quinn was NOT a fan haha.  Though in the interest of full disclosure, she was extremely hungry.  So after our dance-a-thon, I fed her while the boys went to meet IronMan (big deal - see Colin's Halloween costume as to why!).
hungry Quinn, forced onto the Big piano
Reid trying,..
...still trying

Now in days past, feeding Quinn was a tremendous undertaking.  Perfectly back-timed (what time will we be there, wake her up to ensure she will be neither in transit nor ready to leave at the time of feeding), finding a very comfy seat for the power HOUR, extra clothes and burp cloths galore.  

Instead, today I selected a small seat (not comfy) as it would only be for the next 15 minutes.  Total. Because though we're still working through some of the issues with Quinn's surgeries - namely, gas management now that she has lost the ability to burp to expel gas - our lives are so much easier and her life is SO much better.  

Thank you Drs. Prince and Dolgin, Quinn's fabulous surgical team

Every kid needs an awesome souvenir from their FAO Schwarz trip.  And thanks to the parents of the beautiful Jacob Brooks and my college friend Marisa and her family, we selected the world's coolest toy - A WhatNot.  

What's a WhatNot?  A WhatNot is a Muppet.  More precisely, a WhatNot is what all of the unnamed Muppets are called (the extras).  Colin, Reid and Quinn (via Colin & Reid) got to custom-create their very own WhatNot puppets!!  It was the best possible takeaway from our absolutely fantastic day.

the WhatNots, custom designed by Colin, Reid and Quinn (l to r)
waiting for our Muppets at the WhatNot Workshop

Following FAO Schwarz, we returned to The Plaza - where Quinn and I had Tea with some super cool women just last month (blog post pending the Press photos. Seriously.) - for the most pleasant lunch.  

(For those of you without young children, a "pleasant" lunch is essentially Nirvana.)
Colin & Reid at the Shops at the Plaza

We went to The Food Hall at the Plaza, found an empty secluded corner spot in the mayhem where Quinn fell asleep in her stroller (this never happens), the boys munched down on Coney Island hotdogs while exclaiming over how much fun they'd had, and Brett and I were able to - simultaneously - enjoy a combo Lobster / Crab / Shrimp roll.  

Following this most pleasant lunch, Brett got me a chai ( :)!! ) and he and the boys shared a frozen yogurt, while I ... wait for it ... fed Quinn.  Again.  And then we got into the car!

We capped off the day by taking the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge home, as a tribute to a larger than life mayor who sadly passed away on Friday, and doing Family Movie Night - James and the Giant Peach - after an early dinner.

RIP Mr. Mayor
(photo credit:

Gas management issues be damned - I'm loving our new life :)

fuzzy photo but so worth adding - look at that grin!
that is a little girl that had a
GREAT day :)
requisite family photo

Quinn's Ideawoman: Michelle Mastrande

Quinn's Benefactors: the family of Jacob Brooks, the Hedges family

Quinn's Wing(wo)men: mommy, daddy, Colin & Reid


  1. What a fun day! I love the look on Brett's face as he holds Quinn over the BIG piano. Looks like he is checking to make sure no one is thinking he's pinching the baby! :) The best part of the post, though, is hearing that feeding Quinn has become such a good time for all of you. What a blessing! And you are so right, Eileen. Anytime you can share a simultaneous meal with your husband when three littles are at the table is DEFINITELY a pleasant meal! xoxoxo

  2. I am smiling sooo big! First b/c that looks so much fun and I know the power of a peaceful and fun day with 3 littles:) And b/c of Quinn's successful new surgery! I am so happy that feeding is so much more gentle now and leaves more time for fun! I know that she fell asleep in her stroller b/c she was so full and content in her little belly:) Does she still take a bottle too or just through the tube? Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and about your amazing day. Our boys would love that place, it looked amazing! sending you all our love-xoxo ,Chelsea

  3. A friend of mine who has a 2 year old with a g-tube uses a farrell bag to vent her daughter's stomach because of the gas. Ask the doctor's about it, and if they are confused, let me know and I can get you in touch with the mom. Anything to make life a bit easier!

  4. I simply love this. I don't have the words. I am praying for your family and loved ones. Thank you for taking us all on your journey wtih you, Quinn.

  5. I was wondering if anyone contacted Make-A-Wish for you? I am a Clinical Manager working at Bayada Home Health Care and as a nurse, I have referred 4 of my clients to Make-A-Wish. I would love to help you all in whatever you need including to help with Quinn's check list.

  6. I just came across your blog thru MSN. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. I can't image what you and your family must be feeling. I don't know you but please know you are in my prayers and best of all what an amazing idea you are doing for your truly amazing, beautiful baby girl! Miss Quinn is truly one lucky girl to you as her mommy.

  7. You truly are an amazing family, and I pray that you and baby Quinn get to do as much on her bucket list as possible.
    I live in the Orlando Market....if there is ANYTHING that I can do to help.....please let me know. May god bless you and your family......

  8. you guys are suchc wonderful parents, my prayers arer with you.

  9. This makes me smile. I admire your family's ability to smile, laugh, and love in the face of this challenge. My prayers are with you!

  10. I truely admire your strength and ability to make your baby girls life so amazing! our prayers and good thoughts and love are coming to you from Arizona!

  11. I think the best thing about your list for Quinn is the gift that gives your sons too. Rather than just knowing they had a little sister, they have a lifetime of memories of the fun they had with her. Your family is in my heart.

  12. I just found your blog after reading your daughter's story on People. Sending you much love, peace and happiness. Clearly you are the absolute best parents to your children. Your little baby knows it!

  13. strong and love for the family from Argentina;

  14. I'm praying to God for a miracle for Quinn. Sometimes The Lord wants Hus children home early, and we can't stop that, but I'm praying to for a miracle. I have a two-year-old daughter of my own. Every day, as long as she lives, I'm saying a prayer and then tying a knot in a a string. I hope my string gets so long, I can no longer find the beginning. But every day, a prayer and a knot for your daughter and your family. No matter what happens, know that a stranger with a simple string in her fingers is praying for your miracle.

    Love, Kristin Ell

  15. Prayers and love also from Europe and let me tell you how amazing you all are and so blessed this little girl is!! Keep the love and prayers close and know that you are not alone on this journey. Love reading about all the wonderful things that you are going to acomplish for and with her...she will love every single one of them. Just seeing her tiny happy grin is the most wonderful picture of true inspiration! I know God is with you, love surrounds you and with every prayer spoken he shall lift you up to make her happier as long as God allows. <3 from my <3 to yours !

  16. Our prayers are with you.
    I hope that your child will remain with you as disease free in your lifetime.
    Dr. Murat Enöz

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