Friday, February 15, 2013

Aaand, She's Back!

The absence of updates was not quite by accident, and for that I apologize.

Quinn was moved out of PICU on Friday - just hours ahead of Blizzard Nemo - into a regular room.  Fearing getting stuck away from her and having something happen, the boys were shuttled off to Grandma's to get snowed in and Brett and I shared a sleeper chair the approximate size of a large toddler bed next to Quinn's hospital crib.  

On Sunday, Brett and I managed to negotiate her release - something akin to a hostage situation.  Her care at Cohen's Children's Medical Center was impeccable (save one Fellow in the PICU) but we are constantly in the position of having to remind her physicians that our goals are not the same as standard protocol.

We did manage to sneak her out, though - and Brett didn't even have to pull a Patrick Kennedy to do so :)

The next three days, however, were not great.  (Not great being quite an understatement)

Quinn was not only not herself, she was extremely uncomfortable no matter what we did and it was both logistically and emotionally taxing for everyone.  It got to the point that I began to fleetingly second guess our decisions last Monday to make interventions - because the way Quinn was feeling was truly no way to live.  And without any idea as to what precisely was making her feel that way we had no idea how to help her - and more to the point, if it would ever change.

Ironically, it turns out the thing that Quinn really needed was time.  

Valentine's Day has never been a holiday to me - even though I was always 'the boyfriend girl'.  Mushy, lovey-dovey is not really who I am or anything I'm very comfortable with.  That said, I had the BEST Valentine's Day of my life yesterday - and I suspect nothing will ever surpass it.

Because this was my present:

You'll have to forgive the fuzziness of the photo - we had to do it in low lighting because this is what was going on on the other side of the room:

my sick little Valentines

My poor babies have really had a rough few weeks with Quinn in the hospital for four days during her surgery, then waking up a week and a half later to find we'd gone in the middle of the night for another week.  During that week was Colin's 5th birthday, which was celebrated with an ice cream cake in the lobby of CCMC.  And his birthday party was supposed to be scheduled for that Saturday - the day after the Blizzard, so it was obviously cancelled.

They both made it to school - wearing their Valentine's Day best (a red Spider-Man shirt for Colin, a blue one with Chicks <3 Superheroes for Reid) and hair all duded-up by daddy.  Colin lasted 1.5 minutes (the time it took for Brett to walk Reid to his classroom) before throwing up all over the place.  Reid had a stronger showing - we got the call for him around 12:45.

Quinn's still not 100% - that'll take even more of that pesky time - but we see glimpses and right now, that's enough.

So boys, I'm very sorry that when you read this post in the future and remember this as a horrible Valentine's Day you see me saying it was the best one ever.

But it really was :)

nanny nanny poo poo!


  1. I absolutely love that smile! Hope the boys start feeling better soon. Glad to hear that everyone survived Blizzard Nemo. Could Quinn have caught what the boys have (or did she give it to them???)

  2. that smile is worth 1 MILLION dollars!!! omg, that seriously melted my heart. I am sorry for this hard 2 weeks for each of you, we have been thinking of you all non stop. It was so nice to get an update, thank you, I know its hard with 3 little ones needing you. I will be thinking of that picture of Quinns huge smile all day long-seriously:) xoxo, Chelsea

  3. Oh Eileen - what a beautiful, beautiful picture! That smile is what we were all waiting to see. So very sorry for the rough time you have all been having. The stress takes such a toll. When I saw the header on your post, my heart jumped for joy! Thanks so much for the update - as Chelsea says, it's really tough with 3 littles, much less sick ones. Hope the boys are on the mend, that Miss Quinn continues to rally, that you and Brett get some well-deserved rest and that soon your home is filled with happy kid noise. xoxo

  4. what a beautiful smile!!!!

    Nancy W.

  5. I would love to offer Quinn, and your family, the fun gift of horseback riding. I ride every week at Greenlawn Equestrian Center and would be happy to pay for a group ride/lesson for your family. They also have ponies (perfect sized for Quinn). As I approach my 31st birthday, I could think of nothing better than to share my recently found love of riding with your beautiful daughter. If you're interested, just shoot me an email and we can set it up for whatever time is convenient for you.

  6. Hi, I would love to give your beautiful daughter Quinn a Gymnastics Birthday Party at our gymnastics facility in Farmingdale. We have a 20,000 sq ft facility with all the inflatables and a great birthday party room. You can invite all of your children's friends. We would provide a gymnastics leotard and shorts for Quinn, everything from food, cake, party favors tshirts for your children and pictures of the party for you to have. Please contact me at 631-393-6669 or and let me know when you would be able to have it. Thanks Lisa Pergola

  7. I just read about your beautiful family on I am in awe at how you are choosing to celebrate your daughter's life. As I was reading about Quinn I was thinking about my own daughter, Victoria, now 7, and one of the experiences I remember as putting the biggest smile on her face: ice skating at Rockefeller Center (her first time on skates). If you would like Quinn to ice skate at Rockefeller Center our family would be honored to give Quinn that gift. I can be reached at or at 516-967-9936. All the best, Joyce Glass

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  10. Sending Quinn, her mama and your whole family is BIG HUG. Man, you guys have earned so much more...we hope things keep improving. Keep up the good work, Quinn...XO

  11. I don't know if you are members of a church or not, and if you are if your church has elders or not. Recently a lady in my church was diagnosed with cancer, and she was supposed to have surgery, chemo and everything. She decided to go to the elders of our church and ask for prayer. When she went back to the doctor, the cancer was nowhere to be seen. There is a reason I found this website and I know that it wouldn't hurt your beautiful daughter to try this. If your church doesn't have elders, find one that does and believes in the power of prayer. I really feel strongly about this. God bless you!

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  13. I just wanted to say she is so beautiful!

  14. what a beautiful smile!
    Sending Quinn is BIG HUG.