Wednesday, January 9, 2013

They Do!

Quinn had a very special task today - and Brett and I were so lucky to be able to tag along!

Last week we received an email from two special people - Brett's cousin Josh and his fiancee Adi - with a special invitation for Quinn.  Josh and Adi are getting married on the beautiful island of Aruba later this month but to have their marriage recognized in the States, they needed to do the legal ceremony at city hall.  And they asked Quinn to be the flower girl - and sole attendee! - at the ceremony today.

Ahhhhhh!!  I wanted to be a flower girl so badly growing up that I actually dressed up as one for Halloween one year.  

(Sad, I know)

And now Quinn was being asked at 7 months old?!  So cool!  (And, if all goes well, Q will repeat this task in August for my cousin Kelly.  What can I say?  She's a popular lady :) ).

Obviously we said yes, cancelled her PT for the day, put my mom in charge of Frick y Frack and hightailed it into lower Manhattan. (After hitting up Lord & Taylor yesterday for a flower girl dress, of course.)

It was a perfect day

First of all, the building is gorgeous.  And everything worked out perfectly with timing and parking - which is always a crap shoot - and we wound up in front of the building with four minutes to spare.  The ceremony was brief but it was so special that Brett, Quinn and I got to be there with Josh and Adi, especially since we will be unable to make the trip to Aruba at the end of the month due to Quinn's scheduled surgery.

Josh doing the paperwork
C658 - that's their number!

We had breakfast omlettes, bagels and tea post-ceremony because really, with what else would you celebrate a minutes-old marriage??  

It was an incredibly fun and special day and we were so honored to be part of it - and especially to have Quinn play such an important role.

Quinn was quite smitten with cousin Josh

they even gave her flowers <3

she really liked the flowers

Adi held her the whole ceremony!  We're still not entirely sure which one Josh married today ;)

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Kaner!!  We wish you a long, healthy and happy marriage.

 And thank you :)

the newlyweds, Adi & Josh


  1. Wow - what a wonderful day. Quinn is gorgeous and Adi and Josh are such a beautiful couple. What a wonderful idea! Is this a Quinn's List Ext item? Every little girl should be a flowergirl! These pictures just started my day off in the best way - the love and happiness pop right off the page! P.S Will the real Mrs. Kaner please stand?

  2. haha, I had a good laugh at who did Josh really marry!!! she was the perfect and most beautiful flower girl. I am so glad she got to do this, it was so special and beautiful. sending so much love. xoxo, Chelsea

    I am sorry that you never got to be a flower girl Eileen! and yes that is sad, but I did giggle that you dressed up for one at halloween:)

  3. This story is beautiful! I am photographer and writer from Binghamton, NY and if there is anything I can do for you and your family please let me know. you can reach me via facebook or email at or I would love to come capture pictures of your beautiful family for you to have as keepsakes