Thursday, January 3, 2013

Auld Lang Syne

I received the following email from my cousin Erin about two months ago:

Subject: Something for Quinn's List
Everyone should do the polar plunge in coney island on new years day.  Not suggesting she gets wet.  But a crazy (like me) carries her in with them to like their knees.  It is actually fun and people wear costumes.  A friend is a polar bear - maybe I could get her to be an honorary member!

I, of course, did what any sane person would do.  I ignored it in the hopes that it would magically go away.  (You can tell how well that worked with the ear piercing suggestions I received.)

When Erin brought it up again, I said I would speak to Brett - knowing for sure he'd never let Quinn do it.  Right??

"Eh, what the hell - sounds fun!"


We did it - or rather, Quinn did it!  I simply stood off to the side and watched, hoping CPS wouldn't be at my door when we returned home.  And you know what - it was fun (well, for everyone but Reid who had a massive meltdown about how cold he was and how he just wanted to go home.  He's the one in the down parka and very warm hat below lol).
Colin & Reid surveying the scene

making our way down to the water - you can see how many people there are!

still bundled up
so cool!!  you can see she's interested in the water and actually only cried on the way OUT!

Quinn did great and my cousin rocked it - she even went fully in herself after she gave Quinn back to us (unscathed, I might add :)).  And true to her word, Erin did get Quinn honorary membership in the Polar Bear Club.  Pretty awesome!

Let It Be Known! haha
apparently a 45 minute meltdown tires a guy out

And as marathoners must load up on carbs the day before a big run, so must polar bears load up on ice cream - specifically the pistachio kind.  

Quinn, Colin, Reid, Brett and I spent New Year's Eve with Grandpa David and Ann at Inatome - our all-time favorite restaurant, and another tick mark on Quinn's List.  Inatome is like a Benihana but soooooooo much better, the real deal Japanese steak house.  Brett and I had been going to Inatome most of our lives, even before we met and when we bought our house one of the first things we realized is that it was within 1 mile of Inatome.  That's walking distance!  (Well, technically speaking.  Of course we've never actually walked there.  But it's good to know, just in case.)  

Everyone had a great time and an even greater meal - as usual!  Quinn even tried some onion soup, rice and of course, half of Brett's pistachio ice cream.
Quinn, looking cool

posing with our chef for the evening

she seriously housed Brett's ice cream.  I think we have to order her own next time! 
Ann, daddy & Quinn

the boys enjoying their meals

After we got home, in lieu of our standard two stories, three songs bedtime, we all snuggled up in our bed and watched a show.  I live for Inatome, but this was actually my favorite part of the night.

three cuties
We've no need to take a cup of kindness this new year's - we are incredibly fortunate as people have been doling them out left and right.

Happy New Year!

Polar Plunge
Quinn's Ideawoman: cousin Erin

Quinn's Wing(wo)men: cousin Erin, Scott, Crystal and Rob

Quinn's Ideawoman: Liza

Quinn's Benefactors: The Dimaio Family, The Thienachariya Family and The O'Leary Family

Quinn's Wing(wo)men: mommy, daddy, Colin, Reid, Grandpa David, Ann


  1. Oh my gosh, Eileen! How absolutely, super-duper awesome that Quinn did the polar bear swim! How cool is that? I was so excited, I texted my daughters to "get on line and see what Quinn did!" New Year's Eve at Inatome looks like it was really fun and I LOVE the picture of the boys and Quinn snuggled in watching the show. She looks so tuned in - priceless! :) xoxoxo

  2. 1st off, Quinn and her boots-she is so stylish, it about killed me! so cute! Quinn is so brave taking the polar plunge, much braver than me, I would NEVER do that, even if someone carried me like a princess like her:) I am a big cold wienie and would have been crying and having a meltdown with Reid, seriously. I love the japanese dinner out and Quinn is beyond cute eating her icecream:) But my favorite part too was your 3 angels all snuggled in bed in their jammies-it was priceless. xoxo, chelsea

  3. Count me in for next time! Inatome- not the Polar Bear Plunge!

  4. Way to go Quinn! Polar bear plunge cutie-pa-tootie! Another exciting adventure for you and the family, plus pistachio ice cream -- yum!