Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rock the Vote!

As a Political Science major and a dabbler in graduate school for International Relations, the first Tuesday in November is one of the most exciting days of the year for me.  (Yes - I am a nerd.)  This year was not only no exception, it was the epitome of election excitement.  

(In an effort to keep from becoming political - which these days is the equivalent of polarizing - I won't say who we voted for, just that this particular presidential election was extremely important to us in the Linzer household.)

Every American should vote.  It's something I feel incredibly strongly about and was one of the first List items I thought of for Quinn.  And despite rocking a double ear infection she got to rock the vote not once, but twice!

Quinn's not as good at keeping a secret

Quinn and the completed retro ballot

The one thing missing from our polls (besides 21st century voting methods!?) were the "I Voted!" stickers.  I posted a plea on FB and wow - what a response!  A number of FB friends said they would send us theirs, the first of whom were the Grumbachs in North Carolina (they even shared a picture so we could see it before it got here!).  Thanks Grumbachs!

After going to the polls tonight, we all got to participate in a Linzer family election, courtesy of Miss Amanda - thanks Amanda!!

our ballot box :)

Colin - and his oreos - casting his vote

Reid's turn!

Quinn got a helping hand from Daddy

the results are in!
3 votes for President Obama, 1 vote for Romney
and 1 write in candidate (player to be named later, apparently)

We are proud to be Americans!

Quinn's Ideawoman: mommy

Quinn's Wing(wo)men: mommy, daddy, Colin, Reid

Quinn's Benefactors: miss Amanda, the Grumbach family


  1. Such a cute onesie! I am so glad Quinn could go to the voting booth and that I could help with voting at home!

  2. What great family fun and such a good learning tool for the kids! Colin and Reid look so serious and intent. And of course, Quinn is such an adorable Obama Baby! Hoping you all stay safe and sound through the coming storm.

  3. I bet Uncle Ricky is THRILLED with Colin's vote. Loved this one.

  4. oh my goodness, that was the cutest idea to have a home election. And Colin and Reid have it right, every election should have oreos in the ballot box:) xoxo

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