Monday, November 19, 2012

Quinn's List, ext

Quinn had a very busy weekend and I am so excited to share it! Gathering pictures now but in the meantime, she had quite a bit added to her List and I just have to mention the amazingly creative (and über generous!) list-specific items!!

Every girl should receive a gift in "a little blue box".
Quinn's heart necklace from Tiffany's, complete in that very special box :)
thank you aunt Kathy and uncle Kevin!!

Every little girl deserves to go to College.  And because Quinn is 'the best and the brightest', of course she would be Harvard bound!
most inventive gift received yesterday!  love it :)
thank you cousin Katelyn and cousin Erin

Every girl should have Designer clothes
yes, that does say Stella McCartney BABY.
my six month old has a Stella McCartney sweater - how awesome is that?!
thank you cousins Kathi, David & Trevor!

Every O'Gara granddaughter should have the Tiffany horseshoe necklace
Quinn is now one of the gals!
thank you aunt Michele, uncle Ricky, Richie, Katie, & Sean

Every kid should own a pair of Converse
and hot pink ones at that!
thank you cousin Erin!

Not every girl can say she punched a boy in the face (sorry Gabriel!)
*boom!*  Quinn's 'hello' for her friend Gabe, pic now framed with this note attached
thank you Allison, Dave, Charlie & (especially!) Gabriel

Every little girl should experience the passion of music and dance at the Nutcracker ballet
NYC Ballet, at Lincoln Center
thank you Al & Justin!

(and the pièce de résistance...)
Diamonds are a girl's best friend
"a little bling" read the card.  uh, not-so-little!!
thank you aunt Anne!!!!!
This also adds one new list item I was previously avoiding haha - every little girl should get her ears pierced.  The pediatrician will be called today for an appointment - let's get those babies in her ears ;)

We have the most amazing family and friends!!


  1. What a wonderful celebration for such an amazing little beauty! Love that grin - she is sure lovin' being "one of the gals!" Can't wait to see her sporting those rocks!

  2. Was searching for a GF's blog and came across yours. Enjoyed reading and had to smile when I came across those darling earrings for your dd :) I wanted them done early since mine were done as an infant.

    When I asked our ped for her opinion about having our dd’s ears pierced, she reached in her pocket and took out a picture of her six month little girl with pearls in each ear, saying,” …this is what I think.”

    She encouraged me to go ahead and said it was best as an infant when mommy could care for them. I was totally relieved and without guilt when she said if they cry it is because of being restrained or the noise near their ears.

    Our ped's office was in the process of getting nurses trained in the procedure, but she had her dd's ears pierced done at Piercing Pagoda. She highly recommended them for their level of professional training and experience with infant ear piercing. She gave me some suggestions for moms having their dd's ears pierced and we we were very pleased with PP.

    If your ped's office doesn't do them, then write me an e-mail for our ped's tips if you wish.

  3. I laughed when I saw the Harvard shirt! what a great idea and of course Quinn would go to Harvard:) I love her Tiffany's necklace, I need to add that to my list-hehe. Go Quinn Go! you are so loved and you deserve every single bit of it. xoxo, Chelsea

  4. I'm a member of Alpha Omega Pi, the organization that decided "every girl should have the opportunity to pledge a sorority"! We are so thrilled to have Quinn as an honorary AOPi sister, and she is a true reminder of what our sorority stands for: from beginning to end, sisterhood forever. She is in our hearts and minds each day, and we're all cheering for her! Thank you Quinn, for inspiring us to be better and to do better.