Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy (half) Birthday, Quinn!

Six months ago today, Quinn Madeleine Linzer graced the world with her presence. 

Quinn, 6 days old

Half a year is a big milestone for any baby, but especially so for Quinn.  And we were so fortunate as to spend her milestone birthday with the one and only Nana Carney (and Nanny, and aunt Colleen, and uncle Gerry, and cousin Allison and cousin Billy - but really, Nana Carney).

Nana is my 91 year old grandmother who is a force to be reckoned with.  She still lives on her own down in Florida, and has a social life there that could rival any 22 year old (hell, she beats my entire 20's easily!).  The two ladies met for the first time today and oh my word, were they smitten kittens :)

look-a-me!  it's my (half) birthday!

no birthday is complete without a Carvel cake

Quinn and the queen mother herself (Nana Carney)

the boys with Nana last February

Today's celebration was bittersweet, though - for a few reasons.  

At six months, most children (or really, most parents) are looking forward to everything that is yet to come.  Sitting up on their own.  Crawling.  Walking.  Talking.  NPA children (or really, their parents) are now hypervigilant concerning every move - the developmental plateau will begin anywhere from six to eight months.

a mommy-quinny chat earlier in the day

And while today marks six months since her birth, it also marks exactly three months since her diagnosis - on August 16, 2012.  So Quinn has officially been 'the sick baby' as long as she was a well one.  Tomorrow, she will be 'sick' longer.

And worst of these is that while we were singing "Happy (half) birthday, dear Quinn-y", Sarah and Josh Brooks were preparing to lay their son Jake to rest.  Jacob Brooks passed away yesterday morning after a 2+ year battle with Niemann-Pick Disease, Type A/B.  Jake was a gorgeous little boy with two beautiful parents.  Sarah had reached out on a number of occasions, offering sound advice and support after we learned of Quinn's diagnosis, her words aiding us in some difficult decision making.

And now I cannot think of a single comforting thing to say to Sarah, or Josh.  My heart aches for them both and the only thing I can think to do right now is to ask our support system to keep them in their minds and their hearts as they navigate through this horrific experience, and to feel joy for them upon the (now imminent) arrival of Baby Girl Brooks - Sarah is due any day.

You can learn about Jake and his family on Sarah's blog - Joy of Jacob.

So, happy half birthday Quinn.  And peaceful journey, Jacob.  


  1. I cry with every blog entry. You are truly amazing.

  2. I am so glad she got to meet her nana. Quinn looks beautiful and I love the amazing life you are giving her. sending all my love, Chelsea

  3. Quinn and Nana - how beautiful is that? She is beautiful - every time you post a picture, I want to kiss those sweet cheeks! And I was geeked by the picture of the Carvel ice cream cake, Eileen! I grew up in Rochester in the 60s and Carvel was everywhere - I so miss their yummy cakes!

  4. happy half birthday quinn! beautiful post eileen. praying for the brooks family.

  5. Happy Half Birthday Quinn! Sending yall lots of Love from Richmond, VA!!

    Also, sending prayers to the Brooks family! So sad...Poor little Jacob :( Atleast he is out of pain and playing peacefully and happily with Kaitlyn, Trek, and Wylder.
    Love, Kelly M.

  6. Happy half birthday, Quinn! You are a beautiful lil' girl and I'm so happy you got to meet your great-grandmother! Jalene (Trek's aunt)

  7. Yum...Carvel cake!

    I have some amazing pictures of Dan with my grandparents too...some of those moments are my most wonderful memories. So glad you all had a chance to experience them.