Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ya Gotta Believe

A few weeks ago, Quinn ticked a family tradition off her List - enduring enjoying a Mets game!

We are long suffering fans of the NY Mets and try as we might, we simply cannot shake the habit of rooting for them. Every win is that much sweeter, right? My side of the family is enormous and in years past we had big family Mets games (I'm talking a block of 100 tickets!). It was so much fun and is a big part of the collective memory of our family. So it was no surprise when a Mets game showed up a number of times in the suggestions we received - including mommy's and daddy's!

My cousin Chris(topher) was awesome handling all of the arrangements and in only 10 days had gathered a group of 25 to chaperone Miss Quinn, lest she get too rowdy.

some of those charged with keeping Quinn in line

The whole group (+ uncle John - a fan of the Yankees, or "the bad guys" as they're known in my house) met at McFadden's before the game to fill up and mosey on in together.

daddy and Quinn, pre-gaming at McFaddens

The day was beautiful and it's so much fun to be at CitiField. Aunt Kathy lavished candy and loads of fun activities on Colin and Reid and everyone paid them so much attention that I think they were having withdrawal for days afterward.

an oh-so happy Reid, wearing cousin Katelyn's ice cream helmet

Quinn scored a 'First Mets Game' certificate, snagged by our friends the Hortons (whose son Gabriel also attended his first Mets game that day and is 9days Quinn's senior). And - this was so cool - they even put her name on the board!!

welcome Quinn!
It was a ton of fun and it was a great game! Walk-off base hit by Ruben Tejada capped off the day.
daddy, mommy and Quinn - Let's Go Mets!
thanks Tejada!
(photo credit: http://metsmerizedonline.com/2012/09/tejada-comes-through-in-the-ninth-in-mets-3-2-win.html)
Hey, ya gotta believe, right ;)

Special thanks to all those who made completing this list item so special!

Quinn's Idea(wo)men: cousin Brian, cousin Colleen, cousin Chris, mommy, daddy

Quinn's Wing(wo)men: cousin Chris, Ashley, aunt Anne, aunt Kathy, uncle Kevin, cousin Kelly, Steve, cousin Katelyn, Patryck, cousin Sean, cousin Meghan, cousin Erin, aunt Colleen, uncle Gerry, cousin Allison, cousin Billy, uncle Tommy, aunt Elaine, Nanny, cousin Erin, Rob, Crystal, uncle John, Dave, Allison, Charlie, Gabriel, mommy, daddy, Colin and Reid


  1. how fun!! what a special family you have-so much love and support, I cannot wait to see all Quinn gets to do-xoxo

  2. Thank you for sharing such a fun day! Love seeing Quinn on the board. I'm with Chelsea - can't wait to see what Miss Quinn does next! :)

  3. Such a wonderful day for all of you!

  4. How exciting!! It must've been awesome to see her name up in lights!

  5. I love how the list makes this such a rich time for the whole fam - even the boys! fantastic idea!

  6. Being from CT I have been a life long Mets fan...so happy to see you all there. I just started following you since Chelsea introduced me to you on her blog.

    I am honored to follow your inspirational story and let your beautiful girl teach me all she can about life! You are doing a wonderful job!

  7. Wish I had been there to cheer on "our" METS with you Sweet Quinn, but I was there in spirit! All though I don't get to spend much time with you you are always on my mind and in my heart.