Thursday, October 4, 2012

Num num num

Something that was notably absent from Quinn's List were foodie additions.  That was because it was the one restriction we put on our request - nothing to do with food because Quinn has a very severe swallowing issue.

Well, today Quinn said "Screw THAT!".

Miss Q had her first food.  And none of that baby food stuff either.  A sweet potato.  A FOR REAL sweet potato.  And she did great!  

Her wonderful feeding therapist was very supportive of us trying out solids, largely because Quinn's issues center mainly around thin liquids so thicker=better.  The FT was also happy to oblige when I tearfully requested we skip over baby cereals and baby foods and go right to the real thing.  This is going to be fleeting so if we can offer Quinn the opportunity to eat real food for however long we can, all the better.

Below is a video of her first couple of spoonfuls.  

So proud :)

Quinn's first food

and a still shot too :)


  1. yeah!!! go Quinn screw all the rules:) that video made me teary, she is so perfect, it made me miss Trek so much. I am so proud of her and her sweet potatoes-can't wait to see what other yummy treats she sneaks! love you guys-xoxo love ,Chelsea

  2. Sweet potatoes are awesome! So glad she enjoyed them.

  3. Woot, Woot, Quinn! And Amen, Chelsea - screw all the rules. This was beautiful and fun to watch - I found myself actually cheering out loud! I wish I could hug her myself! :)

  4. There's no need to do "baby" food if you don't want to. I do sometimes for convenience, but mostly I'm pureeing stuff for him in the baby bullet which I steam... And it's way thicker than the baby food jars and he does fine. I say do what feels right and what the little lady seems to like.

  5. Go Quinn!!! Sweet potatoes Rock baby girl.