Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hey, Soul Sister

Quinn was the product of some serious negotiations.  Brett was content with two kids.  I love the boys tremendously but felt like our family just wasn't quite complete yet.  We talked, I relinquished some responsibilities at work, we talked some more, we compromised.  And so was created my little Soul Sister. 

As with Colin and Reid, we opted not to find out Quinn's gender until she arrived in the world.  I had a suspicion my entire pregnancy that she was, in fact, a She but kept thinking that couldn't be true - we make boys!  Plus I was scared of girls.  I remember how ahem, pleasant I was from the ages of 10-18.  I was also rebelling against the ridiculous notion that was so often professed by complete strangers - that we "went for the girl" with this third pregnancy, as if my boys weren't quite what we wanted - being boys.  Utter stupidity.  

When Quinn was born, my OB announced "you have a Female!" and proceeded to bring her around the curtain of sterility to prove it.  And a female she was.

welcome, baby girl! 

still in the hospital - got into the girl thing pretty quickly!

Quinn's swallow issues started immediately so literally from birth, she was in my arms 24hours a day.  She and I lived in a corner of the sectional in our living room where she ate and slept on my chest every day and night for the first 7 weeks of her life.  It was difficult recovering from my c-section and trying to rule over a 2.5 and 4 year old from my perch there, but it also made for some incredible bonding time, for which I am especially thankful now.

Quinn is a happy baby - she readily smiles, she's beginning even to squeal!, she manages to get herself pretty comfy in most everyone's arms.  But I am (not-so-)secretly thrilled to admit that she does have a special sort of excitement when she hears my voice or sees me come into a room.  

one of my new favorite videos

mommy and quinn

The feeling is mutual ;)

And while I'm fairly certain Train was not thinking of mommy and daughter when they recorded "Hey, Soul Sister", it has become our Anthem, me and Quinn.  The words (almost) exactly match how I feel about this amazing little girl.  The almost referring to perhaps "You're so gangsta, I'm so thug".  Really, it's the other way around.  

(Oh, and "my untrimmed chest".  That doesn't quite jive either.)

I knew I wouldn't forget you
And so I went and let you blow my mind


  1. we love that song. I will send you and Quinn love everytime we sing as we cruise around on our mopeds. Of course you are soul sisters-such sweet mama love. xoxo

  2. I have to think of a new adjective: Love love love this post. I won't tell anyone re: your untrimmed chest :) Sending love from across the street.

  3. sweet eileen! I love the idea of the list and am so glad you are keeping this blog!

  4. I just found your Blog through Michelle Mastrande. I am keeping your family in my prayers, and especially, sweet little Quinn. I wanted to offer you a free photo session to capture your little beauty. Please let me know if you are interested. I will squeeze her/you guys in at any time! I can be reached at gina AT ginamillerdesigns DOT com ((hugs))

  5. Hi Linzers!! I'm an avid follower of Chelsea and Our Sonny Life, and your story struck me as well. I feel privileged to be able to observe a small part of your lives through your blog. Thank you for sharing your story!! I'll always be sending my own prayers and positive vibes to you, sweet Miss Quinn and your lovely family!!

  6. Hello. I'm another Our Sonny Life referral. I'm so struck by our similarities, Eileen. Awesome first name, by the way. I also have two boys: a recently turned 5-year-old and a 2.9-year-old. AND... my baby GIRL was born 5/7/12... just a week or so before Quinn. She is my soul sister as well. (I was equally as offended when people would suggest we had been trying for the girl.) I'm adding Quinn and your family to my prayer list and will now think of you whenever I hear that song (though my 2.9-year-old prefers to belt out and boogie to 'Drive By', 'Hey Soul Sister' is my preferred song).

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